ManyEats is at its heart a cooking site – and the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Here, find all of the equipment, appliances, and gadgets you need to make your best meals at home.

Cookware & Bakeware

Whether you’re planning a meal that’ll bake (or broil) in your oven or reach perfection on the cooktop, we’ve got you covered. Find pots, pans, trays, and everything in between in these posts.

Best Watermelon Slicer – Juicy and Quick
Best Danish Dough Whisk – The Hybrid Utensil You Need
The History of Aluminum Foil: Just Don't Call it Tin Foil
Best Pan for Steak – Perfect Sears and Tasty Meals
Best Brownie Pan: Chewy Sides and Gooey Centers
Best Non-Stick Induction Cookware – Even Heat, Easy Cleanup
Best Hard-Anodized Cookware – Low-Reactivity and Tasty Food
The Best Pizza Stone – Crispy Crust and Unforgettable Taste
Best Lasagna Pan: Make Every Layer the Best Layer
Best Pan for Pancakes – Golden Brown Pancakes and Easy Flipping!
Best Ceramic Pans: Top Sets for Non-Stick Cooking
Best Crepe Pan: Thin Crepes, and Perfectly Browned
Best Ceramic Frying Pan: Non-Stick and Higher Heat with Ceramic
Best Cookware for Gas Stoves – Even Heat and Superior Control
Best Bread Pan – Fluffy with a Crispy Crust, Right in Your Oven
Best Copper Cookware – Good Looks and Good Eating
Best Omelette Pan – Make Perfect Fluffy Omelets
Best Induction Cookware – Heat Your Food the Efficient Way
Best Dutch Oven for Bread – Impress with an Airy Center and Crispy Crust
Best Dutch Oven for Camping – Enjoy Slow-Cooked Meals Over an Open Flame
Best Pasta Pot – Impress the Family on Pasta Night
Best Titanium Cookware – Great Heat Transfer and Quality Food
Best Popover Pan: Fluffy Goodness You'll Love to Bake
Best Deep-Dish Pizza Pan – Impress Your Family with Perfect Pizza
The Best Tortilla Press: Consistent, Round, and Delicious
Best Hamburger Press: 6 Options for Juicy Patties
Best Springform Pan for Cheesecake: Roundup of 5 Top Pans
How to Season a Cast Iron Pan - ManyEats
How to Clean and Store a Cast Iron Pan


With the near-infinite variety of food, there are loads of knives and accessories that go into facilitating your best dish. Check out our roundups, guides, and reviews here or explore our cutlery posts.

Best Chef Knife – Versatile in the Kitchen
Best Bread Slicer – Perfect Edges and Delicious
Best Cutting Board Oil – Keep it Oiled and Maintained
Best Veggie Chopper: Make Vegetable Prep Faster
Best Veggie Shredder: Consistent, Healthy Results
Best Honing Steel – Realign Your Crooked Knives
Best Coconut Opener – Get In When It's Tricky
Best Egg Slicer – Slicing and Dicing with Ease
Damascus Steel: A Legendary Process – and Its Modern Attempts
Best Tomato Knife: Top Knives for 2021 Roundup
Best Steak Knives: Six Top Sets in 2020
Best Butcher Knife: Top Choices to Easily Cut Meat
Best Electric Knife: Speed Up Your Food Prep
Best Oyster Knife: Shuck the Right Way
Best Knife for Slicing Brisket: Master the Cut
Best Santoku Knife: Top Options for Chopping
Best Paring Knife: 7 Top Options to Slice and Dice
Best Carving Knife – Top Options to Cut Meat
Best Meat Slicer: Cut Thin Slices, Safely
Best Sharpening Stone: Top Whetstones and Systems to Keep Your Edge
The Best Boning Knife – Top Options for Skinning and Boning
Best Damascus Chef Knife: Sharp Edges and Durability
Best Nakiri Knife: Top Options Reviewed to Chop and Slice
Best Cutting Board for Knives: Plastic and Wood Options
Best Sushi & Sashimi Knife: Top Yanagiba Option Roundup
Best Ceramic Chef's Knife: See What Counts
Best End-Grain Cutting Board: Top Options Reviewed
Best Ceramic Knife Set: Roundup of 5 Top Collections
Best Cheese Slicer: Top Handheld and Board Options Reviewed
Best Gyuto: Roundup of 5 Top Knives
Best Fillet Knife Sharpener Roundup: Manual and Electric Options Reviewed
Best Cheese Knife and Set: What You Need to Cut the Cheese
Best Knife Roll Revealed: 5 Top Bags for Your Cutlery
Best Chinese Chef Knife – A Roundup of 5 Top Cleavers
Best Pumpkin Carving Tools: 5 Top Tools and Knives to Dig In
Best Electric Fillet Knife: 5 Excellent Options
Best Fillet Knife for Saltwater Fish: A 5 Knife Roundup
Best Fillet Knife for Fish: Roundup of 5 Top Options
Types of Kitchen Knives Illustrated: Basic, Common, and Specialty

Storage, Appliances, and Accessories

If you don’t want to turn on the oven, you want to enhance your preparation, or you want to store something for later, this is the section for you. Find food storage options, small appliance reviews and roundups, and cooking accessories.

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