About ManyEats

Hi there! Thank you for reading ManyEats!

I’m Gerard Paul and I started the site in 2019 to share my passion around all things eating.

Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with digestive issues for a few years. My health journey means learning a lot about ingredients, recipes, equipment, and styles of cooking.

With ManyEats I’m trying to give back for all the things I’ve learned… much of them by spending too much time on the internet. I’m not in 100% shape yet but hopefully we’ll get there together!

The ManyEats Way

I edit the site and come up with the content ideas, but I don’t write everything from scratch. Many writers create posts but I’m always involved in publishing the final version.

For some items, we demo and find them locally or purchase them to test. This isn’t always an option so many item reviews are the result of long research into feedback and comments from users and owners.

At the end of the day, I want ManyEats to be a trustworthy source for reviews of things that you cook with or even eat!

Why Read ManyEats?

Maybe you wake up every day and immediately look forward to all your meals. Maybe you have health issues you’re trying to eat around (like me!). Maybe you just really enjoy staying on top of all of the new things in the kitchen and patio.

Here you can expect real research or review research from people, not companies. We avoid company talking points and sponsorships – we only make money when you buy things after clicking some links, at no cost to you.

Then our content needs to serve you well! (Pun intended!)

We hope you agree – and come back over and over again.

-Gerard Paul

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ManyEats