Food & Drink

No matter who you are, you spend a good amount of your time eating.
Here you’ll find deep dives on the health effects of food and drink, the history of food, and some of our favorite recipes.

Food, Drink, and Health Effects

Food and drink conveniently calories, vitamins, and minerals. However – that isn’t where their effects end.
These articles cover the proven health effects of your favorite (and least favorite) meals, spices, additives, and drinks

Holidays, Celebrations, and Food History

Food is more than mere nourishment – sometimes our meals ground us in culture and tie us to history in a delicious way. And some holidays are tied in our minds to various drinks, candies, treats, and meals.

These posts are deep dives into the interesting history of various meals and items.


Some of our favorite recipes and cookbooks. Make what we make!