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No matter who you are, you spend a good amount of your time eating.
Here you’ll find deep dives on the health effects of food and drink, the history of food, and some of our favorite recipes.

Holidays, Celebrations, and Food History

Food is more than mere nourishment – sometimes our meals ground us in culture and tie us to history in a delicious way. And some holidays are tied in our minds to various drinks, candies, treats, and meals.

These posts are deep dives into the interesting history of various drinks, meals, and ingredients.

History of the Potato - A Stupendous Spud and Global Growth
The History of Jelly Beans – Quintessential Easter Treat
The History of Colcannon – From Fortune Telling to St. Patrick's Day
Green Beer and its History on St. Patrick's Day
The History of Soda Bread – Soft Wheat, Soda, and Staple Food
The History of Peeps – A Marshmallow to Fight Over
The History of Cadbury Eggs – Filled With Cream and Controversy
The History of Hot Cross Buns – One or Two a Penny
The History of Simnel Cake: From Mothering Sunday to Easter
Pancake Tuesday and its History: Shrove Tuesday's Lenten Preparation
King Cake and its History: from France to Mardi Gras
History of Apple Pie – The Longstanding, Adopted American Symbol
The History of the Yule Log: From Fireplace Ritual to Tasty Dessert
The History of Fruitcake: Legendary Cake (and Christmas Re-Gift)
History of the Mince Pie: A Holiday Dessert with a Meaty Past
The History of Shortbread – A Scottish Pastry with a Rich History
History of the Apple – Global Staple and Cultural Phenomenon
History of the Sweet Potato – From Mystery Migration to Thanksgiving Staple
History of Pumpkin Beer – From Beer of Necessity to Seasonal Staple
History of the Eggplant – from Asia to Europe with a Poisonous Reputation
The History of Corn – From Wild Grain to Staple Crop
The History of Waffles – The Perfect Breakfast or Dessert
The History of the Tomatillo – 52 Million Years and Counting
History of the Pumpkin – World-Traveler and Halloween Staple
The History of Candy Corn – Chicken Feed to Controversial Autumn Treat
History of Pumpkin Pie – from Savory, to Sweet, to Thanksgiving Staple
The History of Pumpkin Spice – From Spice Wars to Lattes
The History of Yogurt – From Accidental Discovery to A Favorite Breakfast
The History of Pizza: A Marriage of Bread and Tomato
The History of Bread – From Ancient Flatbread to Sliced Bread
The History of the Tomato: A Poisonous Reputation and A Big Fruit Fight
The History of Cotton Candy – A Dentist's Summer Gift
The History of Ice Cream: From Shaved Ice to King of Dessert
The History of Easter Eggs: From Spring Symbol to Children's Games
History of Corned Beef: From Irish Export to St. Patrick's Favorite
History of Conversation Candy Hearts – from Apothecary Lozenges to Loving Sayings on a Heart
History of Gingerbread: From Expensive Fair Bounty to Holiday Centerpiece
History of Eggnog: From Rare Toasting Treat to Dominant Holiday Drink
The History of Candy Canes: From Sugar Sticks to Striped Hooks


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