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Gerard Paul
April 3rd, 2021

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In a hurry? Our top coconut opener pick is the Fanatu Coconut Opener.

There are several reasons why coconut palms protect their babies with two layers of armor. First, they aren't interested in becoming the low-hanging fruit. Second: they want to ensure a safe landing when it's finally time to let go!

However, this seemingly impenetrable husk has not stopped people from enjoying the natural electrolyte-filled water plus delicious that comes in a coconut. 

Nowadays, it's even easier – that's where a coconut opener tool comes in. We cover the top 5 coconut openers below so you can find the best coconut opener for you.

Top Coconut Openers Reviewed

Many coconut husks split in two on the sand

A Buyer's Guide To Finding the Best Coconut Opener

A coconut opener might not be the most sought-after tool in the kitchen, but that doesn't mean this device is without merit. Coconut openers come in different styles and have a few features to look out for when shopping.

Types of Coconut Openers

There are two types of coconut openers you should know about: 

  1. A twist-and-turn style.
  2. A blade-mullet. 

The former comes with a sharp tip and a rubber handle that allows you to drill a hole in the coconut. These are good for opening young, green nuts.

The latter, blade-and-mullet openers make bigger holes and are best suited for mature coconuts. You hit the round blade with the mullet until it breaks the nut's surface. The detached part remains inside the round blade, so removing it shouldn't be a problem.

You'll want to choose the proper device for the type of coconut you buy most often. Using an opener for the wrong purpose ends in undesired results, a broken tool, or worse.

Other Factors

Materials: High-quality materials mean the device will last. Look for stainless steel blades offering longevity and a sturdy rubber handle for a good grip.

Value: Some sellers include stainless steel straws, coconut meat removers, and bags... while others don't. If you want an all-in-one package, keep this in mind.

Cleaning: A dishwasher safe coconut opener eliminates the need for handwashing.

Design: Can you display it on the countertop comfortably? Does it work efficiently? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before buying a coconut opener.

What Are the Best Coconut Openers in 2021?

After hours of research, I'm proud to present the top five coconut openers. They're all efficient, durable, and affordable – but there can only be one winner, and I'll help you decide.

The Fanatu Coconut Opener Set

The Fanatu Coconut Opener Set is the only option with an all-inclusive coconut opener. It includes a hammer, cutter, coconut meat remover, silicone mat, stainless steel straws, and a bag. Everything comes in high-quality, food-grade steel that should last you many years with proper use and care.

This tool makes a pretty big hole in the coconut, enough to insert any size straw. You also get better access to the coconut meat if you want to make a smoothie or use it in your food.

The team behind this product also decided to throw a lifetime money-back guarantee behind it, which says a lot about the quality.


  • This opener comes with extras, including a meat remover.
  • Opens a coconut in less than one minute.
  • High-quality stainless steel for durability.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some users say the hammerhead comes off after repeated use. 

Ken's Cocomon Coconut Opener

Ken's Cocomon is the perfect tool for people looking to open young green coconuts. It's dishwasher safe and made of durable food-grade steel, complete with a rubber handle. That makes it easy to clean and comfortable to use. 

This product ships with one or more reusable stainless steel straws. It also comes with a cleaning brush that makes the straws reusable. That, combined with the compact design on this opener, makes it an excellent option for outdoor adventures.


  • This product opens young and not-so-young coconuts.
  • You can be drinking coconut water in under 15 seconds.
  • Get the job done without extra tools.


  • Some owners say the handle comes off after some time.

Cocodrill Coconut Opener

The Cocodrill is one of the most affordable yet effective openers that you can find without compromising quality. It can open any young coconut with its revolutionary tube blade. This innovative design makes this tool durable, efficient, and easy to use.

This device makes a nice size hole that will fit any straw. It comes with a piston for removing the fiber debris that gets stuck in the stainless steel tube, and that makes cleaning a breeze.

The manufacturer also includes a plastic cap that protects the blade from damage and prevents injuries to users. This is a brilliant addition that most parents and pet owners will welcome.


  • Very efficient.
  • The device can open super rough coconuts.
  • The handle on this tool is easy to hold for any hand size. 


  • Users have complained about the barrel being too thin.
  • Use caution when opening mature coconuts as the handle can be weak, according to some reviewers.

Warois Coconut Opener Tool Set

This unique Warois Coconut Opener Tool Set features a stainless steel straightedge, complete with a riveted handle. You can use the pointy side to make a hole for any size straw or crack a mature coconut using the straightedge and rubber mullet. That alone makes this tool one of the best portable coconut openers on this list.

The innovative design on this thing allows you to remove coconut meat, which is a first on this list. Add that to the sturdy, wooden handle, and you'll see why this opener is so popular with campers. 


  • Innovative design.
  • Affordable price.


  • Some users complain about durability.

Moguer Coconut Tool Set

This Moguer Coconut Tool Set features a twist and turn opener and a meat remover. Both blades use food-grade stainless steel, which makes them durable. The only problem is you don't get a tool for cracking mature coconuts in the set. 

The meat remover has a curved blade with a wooden handle, making it incredibly effective at its job. The latter portion offers a comfortable grip, and the same applies to the rubber handle on the twist and turn opener.


  • Meat remover included as a bonus.
  • The blades on these devices will last a long time.
  • There's no learning curve with this setup.


  • Customers complain that the remover's handle is poor quality.

Conclusion: Cracking the Coconut Conundrum

If you fancy yourself a nice, tropical beverage from the comfort of your own home, we recommend picking up a coconut opener. These devices are gaining in popularity, and it's easy to see why.

Most coconut openers are budget friendly and simple to use. But our top choice goes to the Fanatu Coconut Opener. It offers great value by including a meat remover, straws, brush, bag, and silicone mat. No other option offers so much stuff at this price. And that makes this product stand out from the herd.

The best part? The Fanatu works for any type of coconut, whether young, mature, and anything in between. You'll never have to worry about bending the cutter when opening a coconut.

Gerard Paul
Prolific eater and founder of ManyEats.

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